Grupo Calvo launches the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School in El Salvador

Grupo Calvo Escuela Deportiva Luis Calvo Sanz

The Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School not only seeks to offer a place to play sports such as basketball or five-a-side football, but also to promote the development of skills for life and healthy coexistence during childhood and adolescence in a region that is particularly affected by violence. Grupo Calvo’s 2018 objective is for 350 girls, boys and teens from the Salvadoran municipalities of La Unión and Conchagua, located in the Department of La Unión, to benefit from this project.

Apart from athletic pursuits, the school will focus its activity on promoting children’s and labour rights and providing industrial sector training and financial literacy in order to help young adults to pursue a professional career and develop a life plan.

“Since Grupo Calvo began operating in El Salvador over fifteen years ago, we are committed to the country’s development and, in particular, to La Unión, where we currently generate more than 1,500 direct jobs and countless indirect jobs. We wish to continue to have a positive impact on El Salvador’s eastern region, and this strategic alliance we have entered into together with Glasswing International signifies yet another step forward in this commitment,” stated Boris Quintanilla, Grupo Calvo’s National Director for Central America and the Caribbean.

Another objective of the Luis Calvo Sanz  Sports School will be to encourage participation of  La Unión and Conchagua community members in the project. To this end, the school is going to recruit and train volunteers, including Grupo Calvo collaborators and volunteers from the community, so they may take an active part in providing education and training to the school’s children and youth.

Grupo Calvo founded the Luis Calvo Sanz Football School in La Unión (El Salvador) in 2010 with the aim of fostering social values among the community’s youngest members. For more than fifteen years now, the Group has been engaged in the development of prevention and social harmony programmes from which more than 3,500 children and teens have benefitted.

Converted today into the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School as a product of this partnership with Glasswing International, Grupo Calvo seeks to strengthen the commitment to the country of El Salvador undertaken over fifteen years ago and, specifically, reinforce its allegiance to the Department of La Unión, where the company has a production facility.