Ángel León, “chef of the sea”, and Calvo Group embark upon journey together

Two-star Michelin chef Ángel León, known as the Chef of the Sea and owner of the Aponiente restaurant (Cádiz), has begun his collaboration with the Calvo Group through a variety of projects in connection with the world of food and haute cuisine. The Calvo Group is thereby reinforcing its innovation and differentiation strategy aimed at offering quality solutions to the company’s consumers.

“This collaborative initiative is very important to me in my evolution as a chef because any alliance related to the marine world is based on trust and respect for the environment and, after gaining in-depth knowledge of Calvo processes, which are so closely linked to innovation, sustainability and quality, I believe we’ll be able to engage in highly appealing projects. Furthermore, through this partnership, I think we can bring high gastronomy closer to people through quality products like Calvo’s,” stated Ángel León.

According to Enrique Orge, executive director of the Calvo Group, “We are delighted to have Ángel on board for the range of projects we have envisaged. His passion for the sea and incredible talent in the kitchen are undoubtedly his hallmarks and we believe they are a perfect match with our philosophy”.

An alliance with a taste of the sea

Chef Ángel Léon, enamoured with the sea and respect for the marine environment, pursues excellence day after day through a menu in which products from the sea clearly take centre stage. His passion for the marine world compelled him, furthermore, to engage in extensive research work aimed at making better use of marine resources.

The Chef of the Sea’s philosophy fits perfectly with the Calvo Group, because quality and innovation, together with respect for the marine world, are key elements in the company’s day-to-day business. The Calvo Group is also committed to staying on the cutting edge in terms of both quality processes and products, and collaboration with Angel León will thus generate interesting synergies which consumers will be able to enjoy.