Calvo Excellence System in Carballo

Calvo Excellence System en la planta de Carballo

International food group Calvo presented today at its Carballo plant the company’s continuous improvement-based industrial transformation and management plan. Known as the Calvo Excellence System, carrying out the plan will entail an investment of around 25 million euros over the next four years.

Calvo seeks to turn its main factory in Spain into a model of efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability, positioning it on the cutting edge of the industry through technological innovation and efficiency in production, processes and team management.

During an institutional ceremony, the president of the Galician autonomous government, Alberto Nuñéz Feijóo, visited Calvo’s plant in Carballo. He was accompanied by the company’s Chief Executive Officers, Mané Calvo and Luciano Calvo, and the executive director for Europe, Alberto Encinas, in order to learn about the details of the project.

For Mané Calvo, Chief Executive Officer of the Calvo Group: “The transformation of our largest plant in Galicia will consolidate our position of leadership in the food canning segment in Spain. Investment in this project means providing our Carballo factory with new capabilities and enhanced efficiency and flexibility, and turning it into a focal point of experience and cross-cutting knowledge that may benefit other industries.”

Implementation of advanced production management and process review systems, coupled with the application of new technologies, will enable the Calvo Group to improve its capacity to adapt to consumer demands while reducing the impact of company operations on the environment, in addition to helping to ensure traceability throughout the value chain.

Over the course of its 75-year history, Calvo has succeeded in becoming an international food group on the cutting edge of innovation through leading food brands and products. Calvo’s commitment to R&D and technology has proven key to this progress and has forged the company’s path within the industry.