Calvo Group and Consorcio renew their distribution agreement in Italy until 2020

Grupo Calvo y Consorcio renuevan su acuerdo de distribución en Italia hasta 2020

The Calvo Group and the Consorcio Group today formalized the renewal up until 2020 of the distribution agreement they hold in the Italian market for exclusive marketing of Consorcio brand products. This renewal bolsters the partnership the two companies initiated at the beginning of 2014.

Consorcio Group will continue to draw on the Calvo Group’s commercial network in Italy in order to reach 9,500 points of sale and the three million consumers of premium products. In Italy, the Calvo Group commercializes its own products under the trade name Nostromo, amongst others.

María Cristina Croce, president of the Consorcio Group, stated the following: “With the support of the Calvo Group team and their distribution capability, this agreement renewal represents a step forward in making High Quality Brand Consorcio the market leader in the Italian premium tuna segment”.

As a product of the company’s internationalization, the Calvo Group has developed an extensive network for distributing healthy food products that extends mainly through Europe and Latin America. By means of this network, the company distributes its own references and those of other food brands which it helps to enter into and develop in new markets or segments through collaboration agreements like the one maintained with the Consorcio Group in Italy, Acesur and the SOS rice company in Spain and Carbonell in Brazil.

According to Mané Calvo, CEO of the Calvo Group, “Renewal of the agreement with Consorcio is an example of the efficiency, worldwide, of the Calvo Group’s commercial and logistics network, with the capability to not only take on total distribution of our products, but offer our network to other brands as well”.