Calvo Light Yellowfin Tuna, one of the ten most successful food innovations of 2016

Atún claro Calvo Ligero, una de las diez innovaciones en alimentación más exitosas de 2016

Calvo Light Yellowfin Tuna, international food group Calvo’s latest major product breakthrough, was named one of the ten most successful innovations launched in Spain in 2016 according to the “Innovation Radar 2016” study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel.

From among the more than 130 new products introduced to the market last year by different manufacturer and distributor brands in a wide variety of segments, including food, beverages, health and beauty and cleaning products, Calvo Light Yellowfin Tuna is the only canned fish ranked among the Top 10 innovations.
With Calvo Light Yellowfin Tuna, the company has adapted to the growing demand in households for healthy, practical food choices, giving rise to a new offering with half the fat, the same taste and all the nutritional benefits this type of fish provides.

Grupo Calvo has thereby been recognised for its commitment to innovation as a strategic pillar in the company’s evolution and growth. For over 75 years now, the Group has understood innovation to be a vehicle for continuing to meet and surpass customer expectations and build trust in the company’s brands as points of reference for healthy, quality food.

Canned fish is a natural food choice with highly beneficial nutritional properties and no added preservatives or colouring agents. Stemming from this healthy advantage, Calvo has continued to bring out the best nutritional qualities of easy-to-eat canned fish through innovations such as low-sodium or low-cholesterol tuna in order to meet the growing demand for products in keeping with a healthy lifestyle.

With a weighted distribution of 40%, Calvo Light Yellowfin Tuna was unveiled at the 2016 edition of Alimentaria, Spain’s premier trade show dedicated to food, beverages and gastronomy.