Grupo Calvo commemorates World Tuna Day

Grupo Calvo conmemora el Día Mundial del Atún

Noteworthy amongst the activities carried out by the company in the various regions in which the Group operates was the event organised in El Salvador, where Grupo Calvo has an 86,000 m2 production facility with 1,500 employees.

Specifically, in conjunction with the Tin Marín Children’s Museum, Grupo Calvo El Salvador gave lectures to students from a variety of schools on the importance of responsible fishing and environmental education. The event was presided over by Boris Quintanilla, Director for Central America and the Caribbean and a representative from the Board of Directors of the Tin Marín Museum.

This event is a component of the strategic alliance in place between Grupo Calvo and the Tin Marín Museum for the “El Barco” exhibit, which gives visitors the chance to learn about how vessels work. Additionally, workshops are conducted and games are organised to raise awareness from childhood on the importance of caring for the marine environment.