Grupo Calvo joins Foretica

Grupo Calvo se incorpora a Forética

International food group Calvo has signed up to be a member of Forética, the leading association of corporate social responsibility-dedicated businesses and professionals in Spain and Latin America.

Becoming a member of this leading organisation in the realm of social and business responsibility constitutes yet another step forward in the group’s resolute commitment to ongoing reduction of the impacts derived from its activity, protection of human rights and furthering the development of people and the communities where the company conducts its business.

Calvo, the first company operating in the fish and seafood canning sector to join Forética, thus continues to deepen its commitment to improving the company’s processes, ensuring the sustainability of our marine resources and efficient production and commercialisation of wholesome, quality foods for people all over the world.

For Calvo Group CEO Mané Calvo: “Responsible management is a part of who we are and what we want to be, and we strive for it to be fully integrated into all of our activities and products. We are bound with Forética in the same commitment and concern for ethics, social responsibility and sustainability”.

In turn, Germán Granda, Executive Director of Forética, underscored the following: “By joining Forética, the Calvo Group clearly conveys its unwavering commitment as a company to socially responsible management. Together, we will work to incorporate innovative solutions in response to the most prominent trends in sustainability”.

The Calvo Group is also signed up to the United Nations Global Compact. Through this initiative, the group undertook the commitment to integrate into its business strategy and all company activities the ten principles prescribed by the Global Compact for promoting Social Responsibility and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.