Grupo Calvo launches Calvo Zero Waste project

Grupo Calvo lanza el proyecto Calvo Residuo Cero

Grupo Calvo has launched an ambitious environmental project that will lead the company to valorise 100% of the waste generated in conducting its business.

The “Calvo Zero Waste” project is a product of Grupo Calvo’s commitment to sustainability and to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Within the framework of SDG No. 12, Ensuring Responsible Consumption and Production Patterns, it seeks to improve waste management and treatment in both production plants and office facilities. The initiative has been launched in all of the Group’s installations in Spain and will be extended throughout 2018 to include the rest of the territories where the company operates.

At the Grupo Calvo production centre in Spain, located in Carballo (Galicia), the aim is to reach zero waste by 2025, which would amount to total valorisation of the non-hazardous waste generated by the company’s industrial activity. Efficient waste classification and management will prevent waste from being disposed of in landfills and instead obtain its value enhancement via  conversion into raw material or energy through treatment involving reuse, recovery or recycling.

With support from Ecoembes, an environmental organisation that promotes sustainability and environmental stewardship through recycling, Grupo Calvo office facilities have begun implementing measures aimed at increasing and improving waste sorting for subsequent recycling. These measures include training initiatives geared towards company-wide employee awareness of the importance of recycling.

Cooperation with Ecoembes signifies an expansion of the work Grupo Calvo has been doing for years with this entity in all of the areas related to the recycling of packaging.

This collaboration can be extended to the entire production process at the Carballo factory in order to implement a waste classification project aimed at improved waste sorting.

In 2015, Grupo Calvo formalised its incorporation into the Ecoembes shareholder base to demonstrate the company’s commitment to furtherance of initiatives that contribute to effective reduction of the environmental impact associated with its production processes and which make the company’s business more sustainable.