Grupo Calvo launches Spanish market’s first canned tuna to carry the MSC label

The tuna which this product contains belongs to the skipjack species (Katsuwonus pelamis) and is pole and line caught. This traditional and selective method enables individual tuna catching.
MSC certification guarantees that tuna is caught in line with criteria pertaining to responsible and environmentally-friendly fishing practices. MSC-certified tuna, furthermore, is completely traceable to its source. The product offers consumers other features with added value, including being packed in organic extra virgin olive oil certified by the Galician Regulatory Council of Ecological Agriculture (CRAEGA, by its acronym in Spanish). Certification by this body ensures ecological production in Galicia using natural, chemical-free farming methods that are respectful of the ecosystem.

Additionally, each can contains just the right amount of oil, which prevents the waste that occurs as the result of draining the oil prior to consumption. The result thereof is a healthy and sustainable product that is ready to open and serve.

Along with flavour, convenience and health, sustainability is one of the four criteria which the company adheres to in developing its products. MSC-certified Eco Tuna exemplifies Grupo Calvo’s efforts dedicated in recent years to promoting responsible management and the sustainability of the raw materials it employs, especially tuna, whilst at the same time addressing growing consumer awareness regarding ecological and sustainable products. In this sense, the company is committed to its Ecolinea range, in which it has already salads, mussels and mackerel. Its goal in short term is to increase this range with other products.