Grupo Calvo presents its Annual Report for 2017

Informe Anual Grupo Calvo 2017

This document is the third report Grupo Calvo has published and its second annual report. Prepared in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) international reporting framework, the report provides an overview of the company’s key milestones in all areas of activity and in every territory where it conducts its business (Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador).

From an economic standpoint, as communicated in a press release in May, the company managed to end year 2017 with a new record in turnover, achieving revenue totalling 618.3 million euros, up by 7.5% over the same period in the previous year.

As far as the Group’s operational and management dimension, worth highlighting is the implementation of the Calvo Excellence System (CES). This management system is based on continuous improvement and process optimisation aimed at achieving maximum efficiency throughout the company. The Group’s 2018 objective is for the model to be extended to include every department and geography. Another important project launched in 2017 was the traceability system that enables consumers to check the origin of the tuna contained in every can (available since November 2017 on the Calvo and Nostromo [the Group’s Italian subsidiary]) websites.

Also noteworthy is the creation of a Responsible Procurement System based on Amfori’s Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). This includes both the obligation for the entire supply chain of signing the new Code of Conduct for Grupo Calvo Suppliers and the implementation of a system of external audits through the BSCI platform.

An exercise was conducted over the course of the year to determine which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were most in line with the company business and, as such, constitute those over which the company has the greatest capacity to make an impact. The result was as follows: Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; Responsible Production and Consumption; and Life Below Water. Additionally, during the first half of the year, Grupo Calvo’s seven tuna fishing vessels obtained APR (Responsibly Caught Tuna) certification from AENOR. This standard covers not only environmental aspects associated with tuna fishing, but also social and labour considerations involved in protecting crew member rights in accordance with the principles of the International Labour Organization.

2017 also saw the revision of the Code of Ethics, the new edition of which was approved by the Board of Directors. The revised code includes, amongst other things, the creation of a whistle-blower channel managed by an independent third party and which is accessible for all company stakeholders through the website, where the annual report is also available.