Grupo Calvo publishes its new Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Grupo Calvo publica su nuevo Código de Conducta para proveedores

Grupo Calvo has presented its new Code of Conduct for Suppliers. This marks another step forward in the commitment to responsible management of the group’s operations and the development of a Responsible Procurement system which enables the company to guarantee respect for human and labour rights throughout the global supply chain and to secure responsible and transparent fishing practices in line with the principles covered under its own Code of Ethics.

The new Code is based on the Code of Conduct of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), an international initiative led by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), of which Grupo Calvo is a member. Grounded in a common vision, respect for human and labour rights, the initiative seeks to promote cooperation with suppliers in order for them to ensure ongoing engagement and continual improvement of the working conditions in their organisations.

The global food group specialising in canned fish products thus clearly prescribes the standards of ethical and responsible business conduct to be observed in the supply chain, in addition to establishing a system for implementation and monitoring through independent audits and training plans in line with BSCI directives.

Mané Calvo, Grupo Calvo’s chief executive officer, emphasised the importance of the Code of Conduct and its implementation: “The future of our business, and the sector as a whole, necessarily entails exercising effective responsible management of our entire value chain through mutual support and collaboration with our associates and suppliers in order to achieve a long-lasting positive impact on the sustainability of our activity”.

The Grupo Calvo Code also includes a specific appendix for tuna suppliers that covers a set of additional requirements for providers of this raw material with the aim of preventing illegal tuna fishing and to ensure sustainable and responsible practices.

“The ultimate aim of this Code and BSCI collaboration is to provide all participants in our supply chain with a clear vision of our commitment to responsible management, especially with respect to the protection of human and labour rights for every person that is involved in one way or another in our supply chain“, stated Victoria Sánchez, Grupo Calvo’s director of Corporate Social Responsibility.