Grupo Calvo ranks among the five most reputable Spanish companies

Grupo Calvo en el top 20 empresas españolas con mejor puntuación

The canned food brand makes a strong entry into the global ranking with a total score of 73.9 points, which brings it to 23rd place among the 124 national and international most reputable companies participating in the report. Grupo Calvo’s position is especially significant when taking into account the 4.8-point drop in reputational assessment seen in the food sector as a whole this year.

“This acknowledgement encourages us to continue working to make Grupo Calvo a leading company in the realm of responsible management, innovation and quality, and in our positioning as an employer brand. It is very important to all of us who make up Grupo Calvo for consumers to recognise this by bestowing their trust upon us and perceiving us among the most reputable companies in Spain,” stated Victoria Sánchez, director of Corporate Communications and Responsibility for Grupo Calvo.

The results of the “Reptrak Spain 2018 Study” conducted by the Reputation Institute gauge the emotional connection generated by companies operating in Spain. They are obtained based on the responses from 7,077 interviewees which serve to evaluate the opinion prompted by the company among consumers, taking into account seven rational dimensions of corporate performance: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership and performance.