Grupo Calvo recognised by the Central American Women’s Fund

Representatives of the Central American Women’s Fund visit La Unión factory.


Grupo Calvo is committed to upholding and furthering Human Rights in all of it activities and in every geographic area of operation. To this end, the company has a robust regulatory system in place to ensure that both its direct activity and the operations of its suppliers are carried out in compliance with Human Rights. Grupo Calvo, furthermore, is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, adheres to the Code of Good Commercial Practices for the Food Trade, and is a member, amongst others, of Amfori.

Grupo Calvo’s engagement with the communities in which it enjoys a presence has also given rise to supporting a variety of social initiatives, noteworthy amongst which is the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School in La Unión (El Salvador), where the company has a production plant that supplies European and Central American markets. Here, Grupo Calvo launched its project in 2010 with the aim of contributing to education in values for youth through sport. To date, the programme has succeeded in benefitting more than 3,500 Salvadoran boys and girls through the practice of sport-related values and non-violence education. The goal set for the coming years is to increase participation by the children of employees who work at the plant, focusing especially on girls; and to further build skills and values that are vital to co-existence and learnt through sports, particularly basketball and indoor football. In 2017, the company ramped up this initiative by entering into a collaboration agreement with non-profit organisation Glasswing International aimed at development of the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School.

“This acknowledgement boosts our commitment to people and to building strong relationships in the range of territories where we operate whilst promoting good business practices like those being carried out at the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School. Such initiatives are bringing about a positive change in the community and, especially, in the human and labour rights of all of our collaborators”, stated Miguel Pérez Borrajo, Grupo Calvo’s La Unión plant director.