The Calvo Group promotes local supplier development in Latin America

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International food group Calvo has announced its incorporation into Made in the Americas, an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) aimed at promoting a solid local business network throughout Latin American regions via the creation of local supply chains for multinational companies operating in these areas.

As a product of the company’s commitment to development of the local business network, and given its industrial and commercial presence on the continent, the Calvo Group will be part of this program and thereby diversify and expand its local supplier base. The company will furthermore offer its local providers the possibility to join this platform and likewise benefit from networking with other multinational corporations.

Made in the Americas is carried out through the online ConnectAmericas platform, created in 2014 to improve and increase the number of commercial and investment transactions between different types of businesses and organisations. The platform enables business owners and professionals and small and medium enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean to connect with major companies worldwide, become part of their supply chains and develop internationally.

The Calvo Group will join this inter-American network as a “participating buyer”. This will allow the company to present product and service purchase announcements to the rest of the community and receive offers from SMEs from all over Latin America and the Caribbean, markets where Calvo enjoys a prominent presence through its food products.

“The Made in the Americas programme provides an excellent opportunity to broaden and diversify our supplier and collaborator base in the Americas, while at the same time contributing to generate opportunities for companies that might otherwise encounter difficulties in accessing the procurement processes of international companies like ours”.

Additionally, the Calvo Group has undertaken a commitment to collaborate with the IDB in identifying potential programme improvements and detecting knowledge or capability gaps in SMEs in order to achieve better integration into the supply chain.