Calvo at the top of Social Responsibility in the food industry

Puntuación en transparencia Grupo Calvo

The latest dossier published by NGO Economists Without Borders, dedicated to corporate social responsibility in the food industry, places Grupo Calvo among the most highly valued companies with regards to CSR reporting and transparency, according to specialized media outlet Diario Responsable.

In an article featured in the Economists Without Borders publication, researchers Yaiza Quevedo and Silverio Alarcón of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid analyze the level of transparency and quality of the information provided by Spanish food companies in relation to their commitments to responsible engagement in five areas of relevance: workers, women, climate change, transparency and health and nutrition.

The researchers examined the information provided by 16 major companies operating in Spain’s agri-food sector, taking as points of reference the four most important companies in four market segments: meat, fish, dairy and fruits and vegetables.

According to Diario Responsable, the results show a clear difference between some companies and others, with Calvo ranked as the second most highly valued company, very close to top-ranking Danone, in the set of 16 companies analyzed, as the product of the information and transparency provided through the company’s communications.

Specifically, Calvo stands out as the company with the most transparent reporting on its CSR endeavors, and is also ranked No. 1 in Nutrition and Health, where it gets a score of 100%. Furthermore, the company receives high scores in the rest of the indicators; it ranks second in the quality of the information it provides on Workers (84.6%) and in the commitment shown to women in executive positions and equality (66.6%), and ranks third in the area of Climate Change (71%).