Grupo Calvo ramps up its Responsible Engagement by adopting the Sustainable Ocean Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

Grupo Calvo supports sustainable Oceans
  • The company joins this industry-shared proposition aimed at addressing existing challenges and achieving a healthy, sustainable and productive ocean.
  • By ratifying its commitment to the Global Compact, Grupo Calvo strengthens the six objectives that had already been set to reduce its impact on the marine environment over the next five years.

Grupo Calvo has announced its commitment to the Sustainable Ocean Principles in the Ocean Week framework of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact. Presented in Spain during the last COP25 climate change summit, the nine principles seek to guide the contribution of companies to the care of the oceans in all sectors and geographies.

Grupo Calvo thus joins 20 other companies in Spain that have committed to work in furtherance of these nine principles that aim to ensure a healthy, sustainable and productive ocean, establishing clear and shared expectations for the whole industry; contributing in turn to meeting the global challenges set out in the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.

Traceability of marine resources; reducing emissions in navigation; the exploitation of oceans as a source of renewable energy; monitoring and analysis of marine resources; and the elimination of waste and discarded plastic (zero waste) are some of the challenges taken on by the signatory companies. Most of these issues are already covered under Grupo Calvo’s Responsible Engagement 2025 sustainability plan, which includes concrete and measurable targets in matters pertaining to the environment, people and ocean protection for the next five years.

“At Grupo Calvo we join in upholding the ocean commitments of the United Nations Global Compact because, as a company with a strong and close relationship with the sea, the origin of the raw material with which we make our products, we are keenly aware that we can and must contribute to appropriate and responsible resource management and biodiversity protection,” stated Mané Calvo, Grupo Calvo’s CEO.

By reaffirming its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, Grupo Calvo reinforces the six objectives aimed at reducing its impact on the marine environment which the company has already set for itself for the next five years as part of its own Responsible Engagement in relation to oceans:

  1. 100% of the tuna used by Grupo Calvo brands will come from responsible and sustainable fishing, while meeting one or more of the following conditions: be MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)-certified or categorized as APR (Responsible-Caught Tuna); be included in a robust Fishery Improvement Project (FIP); be caught using traditional and selective (Pole & Line) fishing techniques; or be caught without the use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD-free).
  2. 100% of the fishery product will be traceable from its point of origin, with it being possible in each case to know the species, fishing method employed, and when, where and by whom it was caught, at which port it was landed, and in which Grupo Calvo factory the final product was produced.
  3. The Grupo Calvo fleet is committed to having 30% of its catches be performed without the use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).
  4. To limiting the number of FADs per ship to 300 (versus the legal limit of 450).
  5. To having 100% of these devices be non-entangling and biodegradable, so that their impact on biodiversity is reduced.
  6. To devising collaborative programs aimed at improving marine waste management with a particular focus on the disposal of plastics