Multinationals for the Spain Brand recognizes Grupo Calvo’s trajectory of responsibility on its 80th anniversary

Multinationals for the Spain Brand CSR Awards

The Award for Best Track Record in CSR from Multinationals for the Spain Brand provides an incentive to continue working on the Grupo Calvo Responsible Engagement program, through which the company has undertaken 17 sustainability objectives to be met within five years

Food company Grupo Calvo has received the Award for Best Track Record in CSR at the 2020 CSR Awards promoted by Multinationals for the Spain Brand. The prize coincides with the Group’s 80th anniversary, thus acknowledging a trajectory of commitment, reinforced today by the company’s ambitious Responsible Engagement 2025 program.

“Throughout all these years, the vision of making Grupo Calvo a responsible company with a business model that guarantees sustainability and corporate profitability has guided our trajectory. Precisely by looking to the future and responding to both the commitment to continuous improvement that we have wholeheartedly embraced and the pressing need to drive more ambitious sustainable policies, we have set out a new roadmap for meeting 17 objectives by 2025 in relation to the protection of our oceans, the environment and people”, highlighted Mariví Sánchez Jiménez, Grupo Calvo’s director of Sustainability and Communications.

The prizes from the 4th implementation of the “Multinationals for the Spain Brand CSR Awards” were handed out today. These awards are intended to recognize the work and merits of people, businesses and agencies that stand out for their contribution to the development of corporate social responsibility in our country. The ceremony was held following the “Sustainability and Climate Change, the Role of Businesses” event, in which the association’s Report on Climate Change was also presented.

Continuing to generate value

The Award for Best Track Record in CSR coincides with a particularly special date for Grupo Calvo, the commemoration of its 80th anniversary, thus recognizing the ethical and responsible management of the business throughout the company’s history. Grupo Calvo was one of the first companies in the fishing industry to pursue the professionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility. Today, Grupo Calvo’s CSR policy is part of an ambitious program by which the company has undertaken 17 sustainability commitments to transform its business by 2025. The goal is to create value for business, society and the planet through accountability-based business management.

The 17 objectives address three areas of action: oceans, the environment and people. With a 2025 compliance horizon, they set the Group’s guidelines when it comes to managing the business in a responsible manner, while increasing efficiency and minimizing the negative impacts associated with company activity.