Grupo Calvo eliminates plastic from the packaging of its new line of Foodie salads

New foodie salads by Calvo
  • This initiative moves the food group forward in its commitment to having 95% of the materials it brings to the market be recyclable by 2025.
    The new salad products do away with the lid and the plastic fork, offering consumers a more sustainable packaging alternative.
    All canned foods produced by Grupo Calvo use containers that are 100% recyclable, in both the company’s traditional and the innovative Easy Flip (Vuelca Fácil®) format.

Grupo Calvo has eliminated the plastic from the containers of its new line of Foodie salads, providing consumers with a more sustainable packaging alternative. The initiative will contribute to meeting the goal set for 2025 by which the company has committed to having at least 95% of the materials brought to market be recyclable.

Since Grupo Calvo entered the market segment of ready-to-eat salads more than 25 years ago, the company has been working on packaging design to achieve a more practical, easy-to-eat product that is now made using 100% recyclable material. The new products launched within the Foodie range do away with the plastic lid and fork that are common in this type of format.

“Grupo Calvo products are prepared taking into consideration the attributes of taste, convenience, health, and sustainability. The aspect of sustainability has gained increasing importance, and the company is devoting more resources year after year to launching new products with added value from this perspective. We can find the most recent example in the new range of Foodie salads,” stated Mariví Sánchez Jiménez, Grupo Calvo’s director of Sustainability and Communications.

In the canned food category, all the containers used are 100% recyclable, in both the traditional and the innovative Easy Flip (Vuelca Fácil®) format that was also launched this year. Using proprietary technology, Easy Flip (Vuelca Fácil®) delivers additional environmental advantages, such as a 35% lower contribution to climate change compared to the products currently on the market. The result of this lesser impact comes from lighter packaging and oil reduction achieved through a more precise portion. Fifteen grams of oil are removed per can while maintaining the same amount of tuna.

Continuous improvement in packaging eco-design will support the company’s sustainability strategy defined under Responsible Engagement 2025, an initiative that establishes the fulfillment of 17 objectives in the areas of oceans, the environment, and people. Among these targets, Grupo Calvo has undertaken a commitment to having at least 95% of the materials brought to the market be 100% recyclable and for at least 85% of the materials used to be recycled or come from certified sustainable sources.

Healthy, ready-to-eat options

Along with the sustainable criteria requirement, the new range of Foodie salads addresses growing consumer concern around a healthy and balanced diet, as well as the need for the availability of ready-to-eat food choices. The line has two product references that are already on in the market: Calvo’s Foodie Chickpea Salad with quinoa, tuna, and vegetables; and Calvo’s Foodie Edamame Salad with quinoa, spelt, tuna, and vegetables. Two complete and nutritionally balanced recipes with a higher proportion of seeds, grains, legumes, and vegetables among their ingredients.