Easy Flip, winner of the 2021 Galicia Food Award for the innovative product of the year

Galicia-Alimentacion-2021-Award for Easy Flip by Grupo Calvo

Grupo Calvo was a prizewinner in the 7th Annual Galicia Food Awards in the Innovative Product category for its Easy Flip (Vuelca Fácil) project.

By granting this award, the judging panel recognizes the innovation launched by Grupo Calvo at the beginning of the year. More efficient, sustainable, and adapted to consumer demands, the company introduced a new way of producing, packaging, and consuming tuna.

José Luis Calvo, honorary chairman of Grupo Calvo, highlighted “the values in common with these awards given that Easy Flip represents the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainable development, consumer satisfaction, and economic development in Galicia. All of this is found in our new container, the result of a complex, four-year industrial transformation process involving a great team of people, without whom it would not have been possible to take on this sizeable challenge.”

The Galician Food Cluster awards have been held since 2014 with the aim of acknowledging outstanding initiatives and actions in the area of the Galician food sector. Prizes in the seventh implementation of the awards went to Gadis, Nueva Pescanova, and Grupo Calvo, and made special mention of the Leche Río Group and the Association of Celtic Pork Breeders.

The award ceremony took place in Santiago de Compostela and was attended by the president of the Galician Regional Government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, together with the ministers of the Sea and Rural Environment and Francisco Conde, deputy vice president and head of Industry.

A trajectory of innovation

Easy Flip is the result of an industrial transformation project involving an investment of 30 million euros over the last four years. The main characteristics of the innovation are the easy-flip feature, which enables consumers to conveniently extract 100% of the product; simpler and safer opening with the flexible aluminum lid; a lighter container; a reduced amount of oil while maintaining the same amount of tuna; and enhanced product juiciness. The decrease in material used and just the right amount of oil reduce the product’s contribution to climate change by 35% compared to traditional packaging.

Behind these advantages is a technology developed by Grupo Calvo. The new packaging joins other innovations which Grupo Calvo has introduced to the market, including the round can and the three-can pack, throughout its more than 80 years of history.