The president of the Regional Government of Galicia highlights Grupo Calvo’s commitment to innovation

The president of the Regional Government of Galicia highlights Grupo Calvo’s commitment to innovation

During a visit to the Group’s plant in Carballo, Alberto Núñez Feijóo saw for himself the results of the industrial transformation plan undertaken by the company and its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The Grupo Calvo plant in Carballo is recognized worldwide today in the manufacturing of canned fish and seafood products.

Regional Government of Galicia President Alberto Núñez Feijóo toured Grupo Calvo’s plant in Carballo to learn firsthand about the results of the company’s industrial transformation plan, the fruit of nearly five years’ work and an investment of over 30 million euros.

Accompanied by the CEO of Grupo Calvo, Mané Calvo, and the Galician Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, the president of Galicia’s Regional Government took a tour of the Carballo facilities, where he had the chance to witness the integral redesign of the production and packaging process that led to the development of the Group’s most important innovation in recent decades: Easy Flip.

After the visit, the president of the regional government defined the Grupo Calvo plant following the comprehensive redesigning of the manufacturing process carried out as “a smart tuna plant, equipped with cutting-edge technology that will enable automation of the entire process thanks to robotization, real-time control of all operations and correction of any deviation in a timely manner.” Núñez Feijóo added that “the Calvo facilities attest to the fact that the Galician canning enterprise continues to adhere to the twofold premise that helped it become one of the strategic sectors of the region’s economy: respect for tradition without compromising innovation and modernization.”

“Five years ago, we had the opportunity to present to the Regional Government of Galicia and the public at large what were the first steps of a key strategic endeavor for the future of our Group—an ambitious project involving industrial transformation and the pursuit of excellence and business sustainability. This major challenge is today a reality and one that makes us a more efficient, flexible and sustainable company that is capable of continuing to innovate. A case in point is Easy Flip, with which we hope to revitalize the canned fish and seafood sector around the world,” stated Mané Calvo, Grupo Calvo’s CEO.

In a meeting with Grupo Calvo’s senior managers, the president of Galicia’s Regional Government and the Minister of the Sea also had the opportunity to find out more about the company’s responsible engagement and the progress being made in relation to sustainability.

Easy Flip, one year on the market

The visit took place exactly one year after the launch of Easy Flip in Spain. This product innovation enabled the company to bring to the market a more efficient, practical and sustainable way of producing, packing, distributing and serving tuna. Easy Flip is intended to energize the market and make Grupo Calvo stand out. The main advantages of the new packaging are its easy flip feature, which allows 100% of the product to be easily extracted; a safer, more convenient way to open the can; a reduction in the amount of oil while maintaining the same amount of tuna; and enhanced product juiciness. The new packaging thus contributes to reducing food waste and is more sustainable, with a 30% lower impact on climate change than traditional containers.

During its first year on the market, the company progressively expanded the format in different segments and categories within the Spanish market and it plans to begin introducing Easy Flip to the Italian market in 2022. In the medium term, Grupo Calvo aims to implement the Easy Flip model in plants located in America.

Photo: David Cabezón