Grupo Calvo, a prizewinner in the GENIO Innovation Awards for its Vuelca Fácil® (Easy Flip) packaging

Grupo Calvo, a prizewinner in the GENIO Innovation Awards
  • Organized by CMVocento, the awards recognize the year’s most creative campaigns, agencies and brands.
  • Since its launch in 2021, the Vuelca Fácil® can has won a number of awards for its innovative concept.

Carballo, March 25, 2022.- Grupo Calvo has received a prize in the fifteenth implementation of CMVocento’s GENIO Awards for its Vuelca Fácil® can. The company received the award in the Best Innovation in Product Design category.

Vuelca Fácil® was selected by a judging panel comprising eighteen independent experts, who acknowledged the company’s commitment to innovation in product development. This recognition positions Calvo among the year’s most creative brands.

During the awards ceremony held in Bilbao, Martín Barbaresi, Marketing Director of Grupo Calvo’s Europe Division, expressed his gratitude for the prize and underscored “the significance of organizing these awards which highlight innovation, a key Grupo Calvo component in anticipating and responding to market demands. Vuelca Fácil® is the result of an active listening process and brings together all the features our customers have asked for in terms of ease, convenience, well-being and sustainability.”

The GENIO Awards are an initiative that was born fifteen years ago out of CMVocento. They represent a unique industry recognition aimed at advertisers, agencies and consultants who are committed to solving problems creatively, by identifying the needs of their customers and coming up with innovative ideas to offer useful products and services of relevance to society.

Since it was launched in 2021, Vuelca Fácil® packaging has provided the Spanish market with a new way to package canned fish and seafood, facilitating not only can opening, but how consumers can now present, serve and consume the product more efficiently and sustainably. This commitment has merited other recognitions, including the award the company received in the seventh edition of the Galicia Food Awards in the Innovative Product category and the prize received as one of the twenty outstanding innovations in the sector in 2021 by the Observatory of Innovation in Mass Consumption in its fifth implementation.