Grupo Calvo receives InnovaCción 2022 Award for its Vuelca Fácil® packaging

Grupo Calvo receives InnovaCción 2022 Award for its Vuelca Fácil® packaging

Vuelca Fácil® is the result of the Group’s industrial transformation plan, a company-wide initiative with an investment of 30 million euros over four years.

The “easy flip” design makes it more accessible to a greater number of consumers thanks to a simpler and safer opening mechanism.

Madrid, January 12, 2022 – Grupo Calvo has been recognized with the InnovaCción 2022 Award in the Best Food and Beverage Packaging category for Vuelca Fácil®, a convenient container that enables 100% of the product to be easily extracted by flipping the can and without the need to use a fork, thereby reducing food waste and facilitating full use and enjoyment of the product.

Through these awards, the Promarca Association, which includes most of the manufacturers of leading brands in food, beverages, and personal care and household products in Spain, aims to promote value creation in the FMCG industry in a range of categories subdivided into “Food and Beverages” and “Personal Care and Household Products.”

Mané Calvo, CEO of Grupo Calvo, reiterated the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. “This acknowledgment highlights the tremendous effort behind Vuelca Fácil. The design is the result of an industrial transformation plan in which the company has invested 30 million euros in four years and where every area of the company was involved,” he stated.

This packaging’s design embodies one of the most complex challenges in the Group’s history. It required the integral redesign of the production and packaging process, including machinery created specifically to address the technical challenges posed by the new packaging.

The result is more sustainable packaging with a lower impact on the environment owing to the improvement in the production process, which enables, among other things, 35% less impact on climate change than traditional formats. The improved environmentally-centered design is the result of using less metal (it weighs 24% less), a reduction of 15g of oil per can (maintaining the product’s properties and juiciness) and the use of recyclable materials.

This format is also more accessible for a greater number of consumers, thanks to simpler and safer opening afforded by the aluminum lid with a flap that is larger than those found in traditional formats and fitted with slits. This facilitates product accessibility for the elderly and those with limited hand mobility.

This is the fifth implementation of the Promarca InnovaCción Awards. Each year they recognize best business practices in innovation in the FMCG industry with the aim of continuing to promote these practices among Spain’s manufacturing brands. This year, more than 100 candidatures were submitted, of which Promarca bestowed prizes on those that especially stood out because of their ability to boost competitiveness, sustainability, and market development and growth as the result of innovation.