A history of work and innovation in pursuit of excellence

Our journey begins in the early years of the 20th century. Ours is an exciting story of faith in a project, effort to achieve new goals, innovation and work dedicated to the pursuit of quality and excellence.
Startup of the factory
Calvo canned products are born. Luis Calvo Sanz starts a small canning factory in the Galician town of Carballo.

Creation of the first tuna canner
Innovation drives production. Calvo develops its own canned fish packing system. Creating the first canning machine in Europe, the revolution changed the industry.

Introduction of yellowfin tuna
Calvo moves forward in the sector by introducing yellowfin tuna, a variety of tuna known as light tuna, with exceptional qualities for canning.

Introduction of the round can in Spain
Calvo leaves the traditional oval can behind and introduces the round can format for its yellowfin tuna in Spain. Today almost all canned tuna is sold in round cans.

Calvo has its own fleet of vessels
To ensure the supply of quality raw material for its growing production, Calvo promotes the creation of a proprietary fishing fleet, which today comprises twelve ships, seven of which are tuna fishing vessels.

Invention of the three-can pack
With the invention of the three-can format, Calvo once again revolutionizes the industry and becomes the leading European brand of canned tuna. The new pack saves costs and offers a better price to the consumer.

First success in advertising: “Claro, Calvo”
Calvo was a groundbreaker in bringing canned tuna to television and begins a trajectory marked by original and striking ads and campaigns that boost brand awareness and leadership in the sector.

A new brand in the Italian market: Nostromo
Calvo begins its process of global expansion. The company incorporates Italian household brand Nostromo, founded in 1951 and with significant international implementation.

First low-sodium canned tuna
Calvo foresees the need to meet a new demand, that of consumers who are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of a healthy diet. Our answer is our new low-sodium tuna.

Construction of the factory in El Salvador
Calvo continues its international expansion and opens a tuna processing plant in El Salvador, the production of which is distributed in Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, the United States and Europe.

Incorporation of the Gomes da Costa brand
The Brazilian company Gomes da Costa, founded in 1954 and a canned fish and seafood leader in South America, joins Grupo Calvo, which is already among the top five canning companies in the world.

Entry into the Chinese market
Grupo Calvo begins to market its products in the Chinese market. Calvo, Gomes da Costa and Nostromo brands can now be found in stores in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Social Responsibility as a strategic axis
Grupo Calvo is aware of its social responsibility as one of the main players in the global fish canning market and develops its executive plan for Corporate Responsibility.

Together for 75 years
Grupo Calvo celebrates its 75th anniversary as a consolidated food group at the top of the world ranking of canned fish and seafood providers and deserving of the daily trust of millions of people.

Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact
Grupo Calvo joins the United Nations Global Compact, the largest voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative in the world, and integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into company strategy.

Calvo Excellence System implementation
Grupo Calvo implements the Calvo Excellence System®, a proprietary management system based on the Kaizen method. The system seeks business excellence through continuous improvement of all of the company’s processes.

Responsible Engagement
Grupo Calvo starts Compromiso Responsable an ambitious sustainability program which defines improvement objectives in three key areas for the company: oceans, environment and people. With a compliance horizon of 2025.

Calvo Group becomes Nauterra
Nauterra is born as a new corporate brand that replaces Grupo Calvo after more than 80 years of history. Nauterra is born with a new corporate purpose: to bring consumers a healthy diet while preserving the best of nature.

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