Management structure

Our main governing bodies are the Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors, which is made up of ten members. From the operational point of view, Grupo Calvo’s activity is organized into two divisions: the Europe Division and the America Division.


Chief Executive Officer

Mané Calvo García-Benavides

Finance Director

David Llanas

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Mariví Sánchez

Tuna Purchase and Sales Director

Miguel Peñalba

Management Control Director

Diego Otero


Executive Director

Enrique Orge

Marketing Director

Jorge Alonso

International Sales Director

Andrés Mizrahi

Sales Director, Spain

Aurelio Barrena

Industrial Director

Rogelio Vázquez

Director, CAM-Caribbean Region

Boris Quintanilla

Human Resources Director

Rebeca Filgueira

Sales Director, Nostromo

Gianluca Cevenini

Fleet Director

Macarena Ubis

Sales Director, CAM-Caribbean

Víctor Pérez

Communications Director

Mariví Sánchez


Executive Director

Martin Barbaresi

Human Resources Director

Rochelli Kaminski

Sales Manager, Argentina

Federico Senestrari

Supply Chain Director

Luiz Rodrigues

Marketing Director

Lucas Nouer

Sales Director, Brazil

António Gómes Barranco

Director of Finance and Administration

Suely Zinezi

Industrial Director

Ivan Füchter