People are at the heart of our strategy. From our consumers to our collaborators to the communities in which we are present. Our mission, vision and purpose as a company are always linked to people. We must be able to ensure sustainable business growth that assures the progress of society.

Our Commitments

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Women on the Steering Committee

Although Nauterra has a workforce in which 62% are women, we need to ensure balanced gender presence in decision-making. Our goal is for the Nauterra Steering Committee to be composed of at least 30% women by 2025.


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Women in middle management positions

Our aim is to have a gender-balanced presence among our team leaders, with at least 44% of these positions being held by women.

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Training hours per employee

Continuous learning is essential for the development and motivation of our employees. Over the next five years we will increase training time per employee per year to up to 36 hours.

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Reduction in accident frequency rate

Our target is 0 accidents in the work place and, to get this, we must ensure that the accident frequency rate is lowered by at least 10% with respect to 2018 level.

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Reduction in accident severity rate

We want to ensure that the accident severity rate is lowered by at least 10% with respect to 2018 level.

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Critical or high-risk suppliers audited by an independent third party

All suppliers posing a critical risk or any social or environmental non-compliance will be monitored and audited by an approved independent third party. Our commitment is to ensure a responsible and sustainable supply chain.

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Nutritious and healthy products

All products manufactured and marketed by Nauterra are currently 100% nutritious and healthy. They are rich in protein, vitamins and omega 3, and contain no preservatives. Our commitment is for our product range in 2025 to continue to follow current nutrition and health parameters.



In 2017 we created our Responsible Procurement System with the aim of extending our responsible management commitments to all our suppliers.

The system was designed in accordance with the parameters of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an endeavor of the Amfori organization to ensure responsible and sustainable supply chains. We joined Amfori in 2016, being the first company in the canning sector in Spain to do so.

The cornerstone of the system is the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, of mandatory compliance for all of our providers. It includes the eleven BSCI principles, an environmental module for suppliers of tuna, sardines and other seafood products with measures aimed at ensuring stock sustainability and promoting good fishing practices. In this way, it covers all the commitments of the company, on both the social and environmental levels.

On an annual basis, we evaluate all of our suppliers and classify them according to their risk of social and environmental non-compliance. Those posing a higher level of risk undergo audits performed by independent third parties.

In 2010 we launched the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School in La Unión (El Salvador). This community project seeks to contribute to education in values for youth through sports. Since then, more than 3,600 children have attended the school.

The project currently has two locations, one in La Unión (4.8 km from the plant) and the other in the town of Conchagua (9.1 km from the plant) and is organized in collaboration with NGO Glasswing International.

And the objectives we pursue are the following:

  • Promoting the participation of children and relatives of Grupo Calvo employees in order to build their skills and prevent situations of violence.
  • Promoting the rights to recreation, education and health.
  • Contributing to reducing the number of teenage pregnancies through education and ongoing classroom attendance.
  • Building coexistence and motor skills through sports.
  • Getting parents and teachers involved to foment shared responsibility in achieving goals.
  • Promoting corporate and community volunteering (program instructors are local volunteers).
  • Promoting gender equality through increased participation of girls and teens.
Nauterra Corporate University (previously UNICALVO) was created in 2019 with the aim of promoting enhanced development of abilities, competencies and skills for our employees. The goal is to provide quality training tailored to the needs of each one of the people who work with us. We aspire to be leaders in professional development.

All of our company locations have employee recognition and reward programs in place to acknowledge professional and personal excellence in performance. Beyond formal remuneration, these programs draw attention to the kind of conduct that is sought after within the group by rewarding performance that facilitates the achievement of our organization’s strategic objectives and thereby nurture, for example, teamwork and the pursuit of innovative solutions.