Our products are marketed through brands that are leaders in healthy and quality food and innovation.

The development and commercialization of new products seeks to meet consumer needs, and products are created having taken into consideration the attributes of taste, convenience, health and sustainability.

Our brands

The best-known brand of canned fish and seafood in Spain with an ever-growing presence in more markets. Calvo was born in 1940 in the town of Carballo (Galicia). It is the leading brand in Spain’s canned tuna, mussel and calamari market and has undergone significant development throughout Central America.

A traditional brand in Italy, Nostromo was introduced in Grado in 1951 and acquired by Nauterra in 1993.
It is the second leading brand of canned tuna in this market and a point of reference for quality among Italian food products.

Established in Brazil in 1954 and acquired by Nauterra in 2004, Gomes da Costa is the leading brand in Brazil on the canned tuna and sardine market.