Grupo Calvo has already achieved 7 of its sustainability goals set for 2025

  • The company has managed to valorize 97.48% of its waste through recycling, reuse and energy recovery.
  • 91.36% of the total electricity used at Grupo Calvo comes from renewable sources.
  • 100% of Grupo Calvo’s new products introduced to the market in 2022 either match or improve upon the health and nutrition standards of previous products.
  • In 2022, the Group’s factories in Spain achieved Zero Waste Management certification, becoming the first canned fish and seafood company to receive this recognition in Spain


A Coruña, September 2023.- After several years working to achieve the twenty-one impact reduction targets set out in its ‘Responsible Engagement’ sustainability strategy, Grupo Calvo announces that it has already achieved seven of them. Noteworthy among them are the following: Over 91% of the electricity the company uses in factories and offices comes from renewable sources; women hold 44% of mid-level management positions; and 98% of the materials put on the market are recyclable.

’Responsible Engagement’ is the ambitious sustainability program launched by the company in 2019. The initiative aims to lower impact in three areas—oceans, environment and people, promoting the creation of value for the business, society and the environment through responsibility-based business management.

“At Grupo Calvo we are convinced that sustainability is an essential axis for business and sector transformation. That is why we are proud to share, once again, the environmental and social progress we have achieved in 2022. Throughout the year, we have faced numerous challenges with resolve and enthusiasm, materializing our commitment to improving Grupo Calvo’s impact on people and the planet,” stated Mané Calvo, CEO of Grupo Calvo.

Grupo Calvo increases the valorization of its waste through recycling

Thanks to Grupo Calvo’s commitment to a circular economy, the company has managed to valorize 97.48% of its waste through recycling, reuse or energy recovery, preventing it from ending up in landfills. In addition, the Group has exceeded its goal of obtaining 50% of the electricity consumed in its factories and offices from renewable sources, with the total already standing at 91.36%.

2022 was also the year for consolidation of the new Vuelca Fácil packaging in Spain. The innovative can reduces the impact on global warming by up to 35% compared to traditional formats, and received multiple awards during the year, including the award for the best Ecodesign in the Large Company category at the National Conference on the Environment (Conama 2022).

Another milestone was achieving the ‘excellent level’ of the ‘Zero Waste Management’ certification, granted by the inspection and certification services company Bureau Veritas to Grupo Calvo factories in Spain, thus becoming the first canned fish and seafood company to receive this recognition in Spain.

85% of Grupo Calvo’s tuna comes from certified sustainable sources

As part of its commitment to the oceans, more than 85% of Grupo Calvo’s tuna is certified as responsibly and sustainably sourced. This is a particularly important objective for the company, given its commercial activity as a food group specializing in canned fish and seafood. This commitment includes certifications such as MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and APR (Responsibly-Caught Tuna), among others.

In addition, consumers can expand the traceability information that appears on product packages through the product website for 31.84% of Group Calvo’s products around the world. Specifically, consumers can access this information for all Calvo’s tuna and mussel products in Spain and Finland, and for Nostromo products in Italy.

Creating value through people’s development

Within the framework of the objectives in the ‘People’ area, Grupo Calvo maintains its deep commitment to the health of its consumers, ensuring that 100% of its product offering is healthy and nutritious and by committing to guarantee that all new product launches either match or improve existing values.

The company also invests in and promotes the continuous training of its staff, and has established the goal of dedicating 36 hours of training per employee per year, including online and face-to-face formats. The current total exceeds 32 hours.

Another of the company’s milestones in 2022 was signing up to the Luxembourg Declaration of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP), which establishes the basic principles of action and the benchmark for sound management of workers’ health within the company.

“We conduct ongoing monitoring of the evolution of the sustainability indicators in each geography, and we are working on the design of actions plans to achieve the Responsible Engagement objective that we have set for ourselves. The entire company is committed to achieving these goals,” stated Mariví Sánchez, Grupo Calvo’s director of sustainability.

Grupo Calvo’s Responsible Engagement objectives are verified annually by an independent third party and progress toward meeting them can be consulted through the Group’s website and in the Annual Report.