Nauterra replaces Grupo Calvo as corporate brand after more than 80 years of history

Nauterra sustituye a Grupo Calvo como marca corporativa tras más de 80 años de historia.
  • The new name is accompanied by a new visual identity that aims to unify the company’s image across the countries where it enjoys a presence.
  • Nauterra was born with a new corporate purpose: to bring healthy food to people, preserving the best of nature.


Madrid, November 14, 2023– As of today, Nauterra replaces Grupo Calvo as the new corporate identity globally and begins to operate as the umbrella of all its commercial brands. The new name represents the company’s passion for the sea and its commitment to the earth over the course of its more than 80-year history.

This new brand comes with a new visual identity and a purpose: to bring healthy food to people, preserving the best of nature.

The change is intended to unify the company’s image across the nearly 70 countries in which it operates. Through its four pillars (tradition, healthy products, continuous innovation, and commitment and responsibility), Nauterra establishes itself as a symbol of the evolution of a company that has been linked to sea and land since its inception.

“Since our beginnings we have crossed oceans and borders, reinventing ourselves to reach more countries and people through our brands, ever focused on providing all consumers with healthy, quality food. It was time to take a leap forward and build a brand that represents us all. Accordingly, Nauterra is the symbol of a transformation, a new corporate identity connected to land and sea, with which we desire to represent all the people who are part of our company and who, without a doubt, are and will always be part of our success”, underscores Mané Calvo, CEO of Nauterra.

With a history dating back over 80 years, the company was born as a small canning factory in Galicia, and has become a multinational enterprise with more than 5,200 employees, factories and offices in seven countries (Spain, Italy, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, and Argentina), and its products distributed in 68 countries through its well-known brands: Calvo, Nostromo, and Gomes da Costa.

Nauterra seeks to consolidate itself as a global, innovative, and sustainable brand. To this end, it will continue the company’s ambitious sustainability program, ‘Responsible Engagement’, which establishes 21 responsible management objectives to be met by 2025 in three key areas for the business: oceans, the environment, and people. All of the targets set under this initiative are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.